April 14, 2021
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My name is Matt, the one and only contributor of BTC Gambling Sites or btcgamblingsites.com. The main purpose of this website is to provide fair and unbiased information about bitcoin gambling.

What makes BTC Gambling Sites be different from others?

Unbiased bitcoin gambling reviews.  Even if I am getting approached by a casino brand to get reviewed, I am doing my best to provide an accurate information as much as possible. If you find any discrepancies or somewhere something doesn’t match, then do let me know.


Because if a gambling site is crap I see no value to promote it. I can’t stand to be fooled, so I think other users shouldn’t be fooled either.

Therefore, all my reviews are based on my personal experience only. None of the bitcoin gambling sites can influence its ranking, position or negative feedback (if there is some). If some bitcoin gambling site screws up, it will be noticed and displayed for everyone to see accordingly.

Finally, taking into account that I am the only one to maintain this website, it may take some time to update the old content into new one. I will do my best to update it asap.

This means, I also would like to write posts on gambling addiction. My goal is not to make money through affiliated links, which help me to maintain this website. But I truly believe that if a person is having gambling problems, then it is important to provide necessary help to overcome this addiction.

If you have story to share, send me an email to info[@]btcgamblingsites.com (@ without square brackets). Together we can assist people who really needs some help.

Thanks for reading.

Matt D.