April 14, 2021
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Bitcoin Casino Bonus

Bitcoin casino bonus is no different from other casino bonus. The only difference though that bonus is received in Bitcoins rather conventional currency. There are different types of bitcoin casino bonuses, it is essential to know what you entitled to and on which terms.

Purpose of Bitcoin Casino Bonus

First things first. Bitcoin casino bonus as every casino bonus fits for one purpose only – to boost up player’s balance with additional funds for a longer game play.

For example if you deposit 10 mBtc and each spin at Bitcoin slot game worth 1 mBtc then you will have 10 rounds of game play. However, you can receive a Bitcoin casino bonus 100% up to 1 BTC. This means casino will fund your account with additional money matching your deposit amount. In our example it would be 20 mBtc in total, 10mBtc deposit money and 10 mBtc bonus money.

Hence, if Bitcoin casino states “up to 1 Bitcoin” that defines the maximum limit amount casino is willing to credit your account with bonus money. In other word “We will give you bonus but no more than 1 Bitcoin”

Types of Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

There are number of Bitcoin casino bonuses offered by online casinos:

  • Welcome Bonus
  • Reload Bonus
  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Special Bonus
  • Loyalty Bonus

Click on each type of bonus to find out more.

Should I take Bitcoin casino bonus?

To answer this question you should know what is your end goal of gambling online. Defining the end goal will help you to understand the necessity of Bitcoin casino bonus.

  • If you visit Bitcoin casino for entertainment purposes only, without high expectations of winning, to have a longer game play and being ready to lose deposited money in the worst case scenario – then Bitcoin casino bonus is for you.
  • If you visit gambling site to win and cash out at any time, most likely, you are such type of player for whom Bitcoin casino bonus will be an overhead.

It is important to know what obligations player has to fulfill while receiving any type of reward from a gambling site. If there is an “offer” then there will be certain terms and conditions for this “free offer”, for example wagering requirements.

Bitcoin Casino Bonus Wagering Requirements

Bitcoin casino bonus wagering requirements means the amount player has to bet to release bonus money, so player would be eligible to withdraw the winnings. If you are not meeting the wagering requirement during your game play, then you will not be able to withdraw bonus money.

Many players are simply not aware of what wagering requirements means in a casino bonus context. Not knowing or failing to understand this part leads to misrepresentation about Bitcoin casino bonus and bad user gaming experience overall.

Let’s have a look at example.

Bitcoin casino states that wagering requirement for Deposit Bonus is x35 times. Let’s assume you deposit 10 mBtc and your receive another 10 mbtc from Casino. In reality this means that you have to place bets worth 350 mBtc with bonus money before you can withdraw all your winnings.

So the formula is:

Bonus money 10 mBtc * 35 times = 350 mBtc. So wagering amount is 35 times awarded as Bitcoin casino bonus.

When you receive a casino bonus, bare in mind that real money (deposit money) are played first and after the bonus money.

As per above example : if you deposit 10 mBtc + 10 mBtc deposit bonus in total you have 20 mBtc. You make 5 spins at video slot game worth 1 mBtc each spin. You have 15 mBtc remaining (5 mBtc real money + 10 mBtc bonus money). You decide to withdraw the money to try luck at another Bitcoin casino. You will be able to withdraw only 5 mBtc, because other 5 mBtc you have spent on slot game.where the rest 10 mBtc is bonus.

Remember real money are used first and after the bonus money!

Final words

While visiting Bitcoin casino for the first time it is important to know what bonuses / rewards you are entitled to and on which conditions. These bonuses are not mandatory, player has always the right not to accept any bonuses.

However, please note that wagering requirements, bonus terms and conditions may vary depending on a promotion, where general rules are not applying. So always keep an eye on terms and conditions.