May 15, 2021
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Bitcoin Casino Deposit

In order to make a Bitcoin deposit at online casino you will need 2 things:

  • Join Bitcoin Casino
  • Have some Bitcoin to make a deposit

If you are not sure how to buy Bitcoins online then our user guide provides all necessary information a beginner would need. Once you have obtained funds on your Bitcoin wallet, to make a Bitcoin deposit is just matter of seconds. Let’s take as an example.

When you log in into online casino you will need to click on a cashier/deposit button where the following address and QR code will be presented. Depending on your wallet, there are 2 ways how to transfer Bitcoins.

  1. Is to copy address provided by Bitcoin Casino into your wallet define the amount and click send.
  2. Bitcoin transfers can be also made via mobile phone. If you have a mobile app of your wallet, you will simply need to scan the QR code (instead of copying the Bitcoin address) define the amount and click send.

Second option is really convenient if you want to make a really swift transfer. You simply avoid these extra steps like filling in person credentials while accessing the Bitcoin wallet. But again, it’s up to your personal preferences how you prefer to make a Bitcoin deposit.

Bitcoin Confirmation

Sometimes when making a Bitcoin deposit to a casino you may notice that transaction is unconfirmed. This means that transaction needs number of blocks deep to be considered as confirmed. Again every Bitcoin casino or any other merchant decides themselves how many blocks needed in order to have bitcoin transaction confirmed Such approach will prevent from bitcoin double spending transactions.

Alternative Method of Making Bitcoin Deposit

Alternative way of making a Bitcoin deposit is Bitcoin Exchange. Few months ago this option was not available at Bitcoin casinos. Not everyone is tech-savvy and not everyone would be willing to complete steps in order to get Bitcoins. It is mostly related to users who utilize conventional currency as payment menthod when playing online.

Hence, Bitcoin casinos realized the necessity of having an alternative way to simplify the deposit process at Bitcoin casino. Therefore, on deposit page Bitcoin casinos are offering different currency exchanges like OKPay and Cubits that can convert currency into Bitcoin and vice versa.

Advantages of making deposits in Bitcoin

Making deposits in bitcoins have number of distinct advantages in comparison to a conventional currency deposit. Firstly, Bitcoin deposit is instant. If you have learned how buy and sell Bitcoins, then making deposit at Bitcoin casino is fast and immediate.

Secondly, you keep your personal bank account separately from a Bitcoin wallet. Never say never, and online casinos are being hacked. As a result personal information and credit card details can be stole, which may result in big financial loss.

Bitcoin Deposit doesn’t require any personal information. In worst case scenario you may lose Bitcoins in case the wallet got hacked, but this is very unlikely to happen, as security in Bitcoin wallets is very solid.

Last but not least main advantage, Bitcoin deposit is free, almost free, in comparison to debit/credit card deposit methods. Player is not losing money on processing commission and as a result having more funds to play with.