April 14, 2021
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3 Easy Steps: How to Play Safely at Bitcoin Casino in 2018 | BGS

When someone decides to register, and play at Bitcoin Casino, then there is a valid reason for that. It could be simply the cryptocurrency technology that fascinates end-users, which are willing to spend Bitcoins by playing games or place bets at Bitcoin sportsbooks. In other words, to have fun.

Another group of people are visiting Bitcoin sports betting sites to keep their online actions in private. That’s it. Technology advances every year. It becomes more powerful, more affordable and with its mass adoption more people are having privacy concerns.

Therefore, if you would like gamble online, but you would like to keep it private to yourself, then read the following 3 easy steps how to play at Bitcoin casino safely in 2018:

  • Email address
  • 2 Step Authentication
  • New Bitcoin Address

1.      Use Valid but Separate Email Address at Bitcoin Casino

Whenever you register an account at Bitcoin gambling sites, then make sure to provide a valid email address. It should not be your private or working email address. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, same approach here. Create a separate email address, which can be used during all registrations at any Bitcoin gambling site.

Some may ask, why would you need a valid-separate email address? There are number of reasons:

  1. Verification of Account – some Bitcoin gambling sites require to verify email address upon the registration.
  2. Password Recovery – can be done only with valid email address.

Aforementioned points are interconnected with each other. When user is asked to verify an email address, it means that Bitcoin casino has a point of contact in case of emergency. Also, you have to remember the nature of Bitcoin transactions, they are irreversible, one-way.

What if you can’t access Bitcoin casino, because of forgotten password and you have funds on player’s account? What Bitcoin casino supposed to do, if there is no communication channel to verify your identity? In worst case scenario if account was compromised.

Therefore, a valid email is required at all time, but as it was said previously create a separate one. It costs nothing. Just 2 minutes of your time, may save from a bigger hassle in the future. Moreover, there will be no linkage to your private life.

2.      Secure Account with 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) at Bitcoin Casino

Complex password is a good precaution step from hacking your account, but what to do if device is stolen and you forgot to log out? Moreover, through phishing emails hackers can simply still the password, so the complexity doesn’t change anything.

The most reliable bitcoin casinos bring security on another level, by offering 2-Factor Authentication, also known as 2FA, to its users.

What is 2FA?

2FA is additional layer of security that only user has access to. So, along with username and password (that could be stolen) there is additional piece of information that is needed to access the account.

At present day Bitcoin gambling sites offering 2FA from Google, which is widely used online by many businesses. For the sake of example, the following steps should be completed at BitCasino, in order to setup 2FA:

  1. Install the application on your mobile device – Google Authenticator
  2. Go to Settings, then Security at BitCasino and click ‘Enable’
  3. Scan the QR code with Google Authenticator app
  4. Submit the code to activate 2FA

From now on, every single time player logs in at BitCasino, along with password a random generated 6-digit number (that renews every 30 seconds) will be needed to access the account. Same scenario applies prior processing a withdrawal, if 2FA is enabled, you will need to submit the code first.

3.      Always Generate New Bitcoin Address

Remember that all bitcoin transactions are publicly available on open ledger – blockchain. Hence, anyone can trace your transactions from the moment of receiving coins and its further destination. So, if you were getting Bitcoins one 1 address only, then it easier to build a user’s profile, spending patterns and even identity.

An easy way to maintain user privacy is to generate a new Bitcoin address with every transaction. This will allow to eliminate the risk of tracing your previous transactions history and identity in general. You are using Bitcoin for a reason, right?

Every Bitcoin wallet should have an option to generate a new Bitcoin address. When you are expecting to receive Bitcoins, this should be your number one rule at all times.

Summary: 3 Main Steps Before Starting Bitcoin Gambling

Regardless of the reasons starting gambling with Bitcoin, it is vital to understand the technology. Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, once the payment is made, there is no way to revert this payment back. Hence, the security and privacy itself is playing a crucial role.

Make sure to follow aforementioned 3 easy steps that will guarantee safe presence at Bitcoin gambling sites:

  1. Use separate email address. Separate, valid email address will allow to recover the password and verify your identity
  2. Use Two Facto Authentication (2FA). 2FA allows to put additional layer of security to a password. Most of the Bitcoin casinos are offering this option, so do not neglect it
  3. Always Generate New Bitcoin Address. This should be your number 1 rule while using Bitcoin. All Bitcoin transactions are visible online via Blockchain. Using same address will make it easily to trace the payment history (amount, dates, etc.). Therefore, every single time you expect to receive a Bitcoin – there should be new address generated