April 14, 2021
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USA Bitcoin Casinos

USA players are affected not only by local anti-gambling jurisdiction, where users are not allowed to place wagers in any gambling activity but also users are restricted from visiting some leading Bitcoin casinos.

Therefore, we provide list of USA Bitcoin casinos, that can be trusted and, most importantly, the ones that accept users from US without any restrictions. Users can play either in live casino or place a wager on a sport event without fear of being banned or prosecuted.

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Why Gambling is Illegal in USA?

US players fallen victims of anti-gambling law of 2006, which prohibits gambling activity from “restricted transactions”. In other words, when business receives a bet or wager from a person via internet, such transaction is considered as “restricted”, unless such payment is made in a state where gambling activity is allowed.

As a result, parties involved in payment processing (in gambling activity) should be regulated with strict policies and procedures. These regulations allow to monitor, identify, prevent or prohibit and block restricted transactions. Consequently, each state has its own regulations in regards to gambling activity, which is in most cases are not in players’ favor.

When we say gambling activity, we don’t only mean land based and online casinos, it also includes sport betting, which also can be classified as “gambling”. Ironically, United States is the only country in the world that produces the strongest leagues in different sports that are being followed by billions of people. However, inside the country people are not allowed to place a wager on sport, unless you visit Nevada State or Jersey, because such transaction will be classified as restricted.

No light can be seen at the end of the tunnel. Because, state Nevada, or better known as Las Vegas, is not interested in gambling to be legalized in all states, then who will come to the desert? Another issue that Government is afraid of is to avoid ruining sport integrity, to prevent match-fixing, and there will always be a temptation to receive a financial gain from sport events.

USA Bitcoin Casino and Sportsbook

Taking into account illegality of gambling in United States, there is still a solution where players from United States are always welcomed, it is – Bitcoin gambling sites.. Some bitcoin casinos are not accepting US players, this is happening either due to holding a gaming license of certain jurisdiction or it could be due to software providers, which restrict players from US to play their games. Good example would be Microgaming, which stopped accepting US players since 2008.

Nevertheless, it is still vital to understand why bitcoin can change the whole gambling industry as we know it now. If you never heard about bitcoin and not sure how to get one, then our user guide will provide all necessary information you may need to start.

So what makes bitcoin to be so special and why you have to consider this currency as a payment method while gambling online? Well, it all about aforementioned “restricted payments”. In US payments made through the bank should be regulated and should not be spent on gambling activity. If person or a business got suspected of breaching the federal law the funds will be frozen and payments will be blocked.

Furthermore, banks and third party financial institutions can still monitor your transactions and place limits on some of them. This all doesn’t give online freedom whatsoever, and people start to look for alternative ways where their freedom and privacy rights will not be violated.

When it comes to a bitcoin as a payment method aforementioned banking approaches are not applicable. Let’s have a look at bitcoin advantages for US players while gambling in online casino or Bitcoin Sportsbook:

  1. Decentralized Currency
  2. Low or No Fee
  3. No Personal Details

Advantages of Using Bitcoin for USA Players

Decentralized Currency 

The first thing to remember is that bitcoin can’t be regulated by any bank. It is a decentralized crypto-currency which utilizes peer-to-peer technology. In other words person is transferring bitcoins to another person without involving banks in the payment process. There is no limit in the amount that you can transfer, so people who are gambling online, should not worry about this factor.

Low Fees

Taking into account that currency is not regulated by central bank, then no one can apply outrageous fees as banks normally do. Whether you are making a deposit or withdraw your winnings, payment has to be processed through a bank, and if you are making bets in USD, but your actual account is in Canadian Dollars, then exchanging fees will also apply.

In bitcoin industry, the fees are so minor that you won’t even notice them. It is also worth mentioning that transactions are instant. So when you deposit your account fund will arrive within 2 minutes, and same rule apply when withdrawing the winnings from your account. No need to wait days until your money reach a bank account.

Anonymity : no person details collected

The Last and most important advantage of bitcoin is that no personal information will be needed to send and receive payments. If you visit a bitcoin casino, no one will ask your real name and banking details. Payments are made anonymously without revealing your identity. And your personal bank account is not linked to a casino. Therefore, there is no threat that personal information can be stolen and player can be compromised. Hence, playing at bitcoin casino is being on a safe side in gambling.

Final Words

The current situation in United States in regards to (sport) gambling activity is not foreseen to change from a dead point in the nearest future. Certain states are not ready to share the gambling market, and speculations about sport betting fixing-matches, will only prolong debates about policies and procedures to be embedded in order to regulate the gambling market in US.

However, bitcoin is a perfect substitute payment method, which removes all the borders between countries and people. USA Bitcoin casino offers not only casino games but sports betting as well.

Best of luck and enjoy the gambling world without restrictions!